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Moving Bodies

Gallery 100 will feature the work of Josh Miller, a tenured Associate Professor at Kutztown University,  in a show titled, "Moving Bodies."   The exhibition includes two large-scale installations that immerse participants in an interactive experience: "Wave Form" and "Listen With Your Eyes" transforms kinetic energy into digital visualizations.   Wave Form is an interactive installation composed of infinite wave patterns generated in real-time with properties that can be controlled by the participants in the exhibition space. Users turn hand-cranks attached to large gears that will physically manipulate the variables controlling the properties of the wave visualization as well as the generated audio. Multiple people can interact with each other to generate unique combinations of figures, colors, and repetitions, with the goal of creating a distinctively participatory experience.   Listen with your eyes is an interactive installation composed of generative visuals and audio, projection mapped on a series of moving panels. The piece is reactive to user interaction, specifically, visuals, position and speed, and audio. The inputs are translated to physical panel motion, sound, and visuals.

Interestingly, Josh's exhibit is best experienced at night -- the gallery will have occasional evening hours, but you can experience the work any time from dark until midnight by stopping by the gallery and hanging out outside. 

Earlier Event: June 1
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